Unbuckled rear-seat passengers face 2,000 baht fine from Sept. 5 onwards

PASSENGERS not belting up when seated at the back of a vehicle face 2,000 baht fine starting Sept. 5 as an amendment of the Road Traffic Act comes into effect thenceforth, Amarin TV said today (August 10).

This amendment was to kick in 120 days after publication in the Royal Gazette. The key change was made at the order of the head of the National Council for Peace and Order dated March 21, 2017. It repeals Section 123 and replaces it with Section 123/1.

The amendment sets the following conditions:

1) The driver must fasten a seat belt across his body at all times while driving;

2) Passengers seated in front or the rear have to belt up at all times when travelling;

3) Children under six years of age must be placed on a special seat or a way found to prevent danger in case of accident;

4) Passengers shorter than 135 centimetres too have to belt up or an arrangement made to prevent danger no matter where they are seated.


Top: A woman belting up in her car. Photo:

Front Page: A toddler fastening a seat belt in a toy car. Photo: Nenad Stojkovic (CC BY 2.0)

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