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99 Citizens Group urges Prayut to step down before eight-year term ends


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A 99 CITIZENS GROUP has today (July 31) kicked off a fresh move for Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to step down before his eight-year term supposedly ends next month.

Today’s anti-Prayut movement steered by the Campaign For Democracy Committee and endorsed by the so-called 99 Citizens group including academics, political activists and artists, among others, was conducted at a public venue in Ratchadamnoen Avenue area in pursuit of an unconditional resignation of Prayut as unelected premier after he has risen to power by way of a military coup in 2014.

Campaign For Democracy Committee secretary-general Metha Maskhao insisted that Prayut step down before August 24, the date on which the army chief-turned-premier began to run the country in double capacity as head of the coup junta and head of a military-installed government eight years ago.

Prayut would definitely be subject to widespread criticism among all sectors of society if he managed to prolong his rule beyond next month in lack of good governance, prestige and righteousness, otherwise required of the head of government, Metha commented.

Nevertheless, the Constitutional Court will likely be petitioned sooner than later to pinpoint the time at which Prayut may have finished his eight-year rule as legally provided.

The court is yet to judge when his tenure in the top government post may have started – since 2014 the year in which he rose to premiership by way of the coup or since 2017 the year in which the current constitution was promulgated or since 2019 the year in which he retained his premiership in consecutive fashion following a general election held that year.


Representatives of the 99 Citizens Group addressing their meeting today, July 31, 2022. Photo: Matichon

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