QR code scanning for Covid treatment introduced to cope with spike in Bangkok


THE PUBLIC Health Ministry has come up with a new way to treat Covid patients amid the recent jump in the number of cases in Bangkok by allowing those with mild symptoms or are asymptomatic to scan a QR code to access online treatment without having to go to the hospital and medicine then sent to them, TV Channel 7 said this evening (July 19).

There are currently 5,000 to 6,000 patients a day in Bangkok with some of them needing hospitalisation with today’s total being 1,581. 

This has led to overcrowding with many patients waiting in long queues to get treatment at the hospitals.

The ministry’s Medical Services Department has now changed the earlier “meet, dispense, end” care system to “scan, dispense, end.” Under the new system patients with mild symptoms or are asymptomatic could either scan a QR code or call one of the hospitals in the department’s network, namely Rajavithi, Lerdsin and Nopparat Ratchathani, to get treatment without actually having to go there.

A doctor will assess their symptoms by talking to them either via Line app or their telephone with medicine then sent to them either by postal service or Grab delivery. Patients could also send a relative to the hospital to collect it for them.

Bangkok Governor Chadchat Sittiphan visited Taksin and BMA General (Klang) hospitals where doctors are treating 200 to 300 Covid patients a day. They are dispensing Favipiravir to the patients with Molnupiravir reserved for the 608 risk group,  that is the elderly over sixty years age, those suffering from chronic diseases and young children,


Top: A man scanning a QR code. Photo:

Front Page: A doctor checking Covid vaccination QR code. Photo: Marco Verch, professional photographer (CC BY 2.0)

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