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Prayut earns hefty allowances for chairing 52 govt panels


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

PRIME MINISTER PRAYUT Chan-o-cha has been earning handsome allowances for meetings of dozens of government committees which he concurrently chairs in addition to his monthly salary, according to Somchai Srisuthiyakorn, Thai Liberal Party’s head of policy-steering campaign.

Somchai today (July 16) posted on his Facebook to disclose that Prayut was reported to concurrently chair as many as 52 government committees each of which pays him 10,000 baht in allowance per meeting.

But the premier could practically attend and chair no more than two meetings of each of those government committees in a year, given so many panels which he concurrently chairs in addition to his routine duties at Government House, the former election commissioner commented.

Performances of many of those government panels which have been set up by the unelected premier overlap the duties of permanent government agencies such as the Office of the National Water Resources Committee and the Office of the National Land Policy Committee whose responsibilities are primarily similar to those of the Water Resources Department and the Land Department respectively, Somchai said.

In addition to the 10,000-baht allowance per meeting of each government committee provided out of the taxpayer’s money, Prayut earns 125,590 baht in monthly salary including an entitlement pay as head of government.

“During committee meetings, government officials would submit reports and brief the chairman who would effortlessly nod his head in acknowledgment and make a remark as if he was smart enough,” he said of the premier who rose to power by way of the 2014 coup.


Top: Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha. Top CNN

Front Page: Somchai Srisuthiyakorn, Thai Liberal Party’s head of policy-steering campaign.. Photo: Matichon

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