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Slingshot shooter fires marbles, bolts at maintenance train

A MAINTENANCE train running on the Red Line at 2 a.m. this morning (July 13) was attacked by a slingshot shooter who fired marbles and bolts at it and smashed a few glass windows with the driver and several other crew members being injured by glass shards, Sanook.com said.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Amnat Traiphot, head of the Railway Police Division, said Mr. Saran Kun, who was driving the maintenance train, had filed a complaint at Don Mueang police station that a vandal had attacked it as it was running on Bang Sue-Rangsit route.

The slingshot shooter is suspected to be a motorcyclist who had stopped near the railway line just before the U-turn bridge at Vibhavadi Rangsit soi 33. Three of the marbles and bolts he fired smashed the control room door with others hitting a rear window just a foot away from the driver’s head. Several other windows too were smashed with glass shards cutting members of the crew.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Amnat said he had sent a police team to investigate this vandalism and believed that it was the work of teenagers living in this area.


The maintenance train was damaged after being attacked by a slingshot shooter. Photos: Sanook.com

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