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Protests in Chiang Mai during Prayut’s visit despite tight security


CHIANG MAI demonstrators managed to stage small protests against Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha during his visit to the northern province today (June 29) despite 2,120 policemen protecting him, Matichon newspaper said.

Gen. Prayut, who visited the Shinawatra family stronghold together with his delegation to monitor various projects implemented by his administration, landed at the military airport where outsiders are barred from entering. 

Even so, a group of protesters under the name “Kiat Lampang ” staged a demonstration in front of the airport where placards were displayed .

They announced on their personal web page, “Come and welcome and chase out Prayut! At the international airport, Chiang Mai, today will definitely follow and chase him all day.”

At 11.30 a.m. Prayut presided over the opening ceremony of “FTI Expo 2022: Shaping Future Industries for Stronger Thailand” at the International Convention and Exhibition Centre amid tight security.

Yet again some 20 protesters managed to slip through and staged a protest in front of this centre brandishing placards with sarcastic messages such as “After 8 years there is now no future resign,” “No future, public debt,” “Uncle Tu (Tu is Prime Minister Prayut’s nickname) borrows, borrows, borrows.” Some of the placards also used vulgar language.

It was reported that 2,120 police officers were drawn from the several units with 230 coming from Mueang police station; 70 from Mae Ping police station; 70 from Phu Ping Ratchaniwet police station; 250 at Chang Phueak police station; 275 from Sarapee police station; 50 from  San Kamphaeng police station; 65 from Mae Rim police station; 180 from Mae Taeng police station; 60 from San Sai police station; 160 traffic policemen; 130 from Chiang Mai provincial police station; 180 Lamphum provincial policemen; 180 Lampang provincial policemen; 210 from Provincial Police Region 5; 10 Explosive Ordnance Disposal officers; and 40 Metropolitan police officers.


Protests during Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s visit to Chiang Mai today. Photos: Matichon

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