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Prinn released on bail in three cases filed against him


FORMER DEMOCRAT Party deputy leader Prinn Panichphakdi was granted temporary release in three cases filed against him at Bangkok South Criminal Court with two stemming from charges of committing indecent acts in public and the third involving rape charges today (Apr. 17), Naewna newspaper said.

Lumpini station investigators had requested the court via video conference system that the suspect be detained for 12 days, from April 17 till April 28, as they still had to interrogate additional witnesses and were still conducting criminal background checks of the accused and the others involved in this case.

However Prinn’s lawyer petitioned for a temporary release on all three cases and the court granted this with 200,000 baht bail surety set per case for the first two and 300,000 baht for the third.

Upon being released Prinn said briefly to the press that today he entered the justice system which he fully trusted and would definitely not escape.


Prinn upon being temporarily released by the court today. Photos: Naewna

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