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Scaffolding collapses at Wireless-Rama 4 project site killing 2 workers


TWO CONSTRUCTION workers were crushed to death when scaffolding at a mixed-use project at the corner of Wireless and Rama 4 roads collapsed today (Feb. 16), Matichon newspaper said.

Pol. Maj. Prakan Kawee, an investigator at Lumpini police station, rushed to One Bangkok mixed-use project site upon hearing of the accident where a luxury hotel is being built with officers from the Central Police Forensic Science Division, a forensic doctor from Chulalongkorn Hospital and volunteers from Ruamkatanyu Foundation joining him,

At the tightly-controlled site with unauthorised personnel not allowed in, police found that in the basement remains of bricks, wood, cement and steel used to make the scaffolding had piled up after collapsing with security guards and workers searching for the victims.

Mr. Samart Laorit, superintendent engineer, said while he was controlling the construction work in the basement the steel scaffolding suddenly collapsed and crushed two workers below, both women.

One of the victims was rushed to Kluaynamthai Hospital where she later died while the other woman had died at the scene.

Pol. Col. Nimit Nuphonthong, superintendent of Lumpini police station, said people involved were being thoroughly questioned with the police team coordinating with the Engineering Institute of Thailand , Pathumwan District Office’s Department of Public and Municipal Works and Central Police Forensic Science Division in their investigation.


The basement where the scaffolding had collapsed killing two women workers. Photo: Matichon

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