Credit Bureau sets up Bureau Lab for speedy service

THE National Credit Bureau has set up a Bureau Lab to provide people with easier access to their credit data and score with both over-the-counter and self service options available, TV Channel 7 said today (Jan. 24).

The Bureau Lab is located at Tha Wang Lang (near Gate 8 of Siriraj Hospital) and the public need only use their ID card to obtain their credit data. Those using the self-service kiosk will get an e-credit report immediately via email with credit checking and summary service being available free of charge.

Those using the over-the-counter service will get their report within 15 minutes. People can either check their own credit standing or those of other people from whom they have obtained power of attorney. Ordinary people can also request for their credit score.

Foreigners interested in using this service have to submit their passport. It is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. everyday.

Earlier access to credit information and regularly checking it would help prevent cyber financial threats and would also make it easier to apply for various loans.


An illustration of the Bureau Lab published at the National Credit Bureau website.


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