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Thammanat, 20 MPs ousted from Palang Pracharath Party

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

PALANG PRACHARATH PARTY secretary-general Thammanat Prompow and 20 Palang Pracharath MPs under his command have been immediately ousted by resolution of 78 other MPs and executive members of the biggest government party.

Thammanat who concurrently acts as an MP of Payao and the 20 Palang Pracharath MPs loyal to him are having a 60-day time to find another party to join in order to maintain their MP status as provided by law following their ouster from the party.

Thammanat reportedly prompted the majority of Palang Pracharath MPs and executive board members to expel him and the 20 fellow MPs following internal partisan conflict for which he had been put to blame.

The ouster resolution adopted by the 78 Palang Pracharath MPs and executive board members of the party followed hours of talk between Deputy Prime Minister/party leader Prawit Wongsuwan and the deposed party secretary-general which had apparently failed to bear fruit.

Thammanat had been obviously irritated by some of the Palang Pracharath MPs and cabinet members including Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin who had reportedly blamed him for last Sunday’s by-election for MP in Chumphorn and Songkhla where the Palang Pracharath candidates were defeated by the contenders running under the tickets of Democrat Party, a fellow coalition partner.

During a few days ahead of the polling date, Thammanat helped with the Palang Pracharath electoral campaign in Songkhla of which Suchart was in charge.

Nevertheless, informal negotiations held at Prawit’s residence for Thammanat to be given a cabinet seat to “settle” the internal conflict apparently fell through, prompting the majority of the party’s rank and file to resolve to depose them.

It remains to be seen which party Thammanat and the 20 other MPs at his command will eventually get registered as party members within a 60-day timeframe so they can maintain their MP status.


Top: Ousted Palang Pracharath Party secretary-general Thammanat Prompow. Photo: Thai News and published by BBC

Home Page: Thammanat visiting flooded areas of Ayutthaya province. Photo: Thai Rath

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