Satun residents catching clams to eat instead of pork, chicken


WITH prices of pork, chicken and eggs having risen, people in southern Satun province have turned to catching clams to eat using makeshift gear such as foam boxes and unused fan covers to sift through the mud in canals to do so, Amarin TV this evening.

Residents of Khlong Khut sub-district, Mueang district, are taking advantage of the start of the shellfishing season to find natural food sources near their homes to reduce expenses.

Aunt Joy said she turned to catching clams to eat because in the market prices of pork, chicken, eggs and vegetables are now quite high. They are easy to catch and are quite tasty stir-fried with basil leaves or poached and are filling.

She has now stopped eating pork, chicken and eggs and urged the government to help reduce prices and bring them down to normal levels.

Mr. Piriya Nuanning, 29, said these clams sell for 15 to 25 baht a kilogramme depending on the size. Families are shellfishing together because just their wages is not enough to make ends meet.

He persuaded his friends to join in shellfishing and during the low tide catch the big clams to sell.

This area is rich in enamel venus shell. which is an edible saltwater clam, and children join in catching them having fun in the canal water, he said, adding only the bigger ones are taken with smaller ones thrown back into the canal.


Top: A tasty stir-fried clam dish. Photo: Matichon

Home Page: Some clams caught. Photo: Naewna

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