Vendor clad in revealing T-shirt an overnight sensation in Chiang Mai


PEOPLE IN Chiang Mai are flocking to buy Khanom Tokyo snack from a young woman who is only wearing a cleavage and midriff showing T-shirt and ripped jeans with the whole country agog at her revealing attire, said today (Nov. 24).

Ms. Aranya Apiso, or Nong Olive, 23, said sales have skyrocketed at her shop since she boldly started selling the thin flat pancakes filled with sweet custard cream in her revealing outfit. Yesterday she racked over 4,000 baht, up from the usual 1,000 baht a day, 

As expected most of the customers are young men who ask to take lots of photos and although she is tired she obliges so that they continue supporting her shop.

Many customers also encouraged her in her hard, honest work amid a flow of criticism that revealing oneself this way is inappropriate.

A middle-aged woman said she came all the way from San Sai district to support and encourage Nong Olive as she is diligent and is making an honest living while not finding her outfit strange in any way.

Another customer said in another era her revealing T-shirt would have been inappropriate but today it’s all about fashion. Moreover the Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the economy and if she is able to sell her snack dressed like this it is acceptable as it is honest labour.

Nong Olive said while some people have criticised her outfit others have cheered her on and she is not thinking too much about it because a coin has two sides and she is doing honest work.

She added that she has told her fan club that some days she might dress differently such as in a traditional Thai outfit and to continue coming round to encourage her.

She added that she is happy with the feedback as she did not think her bold move would trigger this big a reaction.

Yesterday two young men rode past on a motorcycle and slowed down to have a look at her and then fell off the bike and startled her, she added.


Nong Olive’s Khanom Tokyo is selling like hot cakes with her wearing this revealing outfit. Photos:

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