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‘The stupid leader is leaving us all for dead’ hashtag now trending on Twitter


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

“THE STUPID LEADER IS leaving us all for dead” satirical phrase is currently a trending hashtag on Twitter literally describing how bizarre and ludicrous Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s handling of the people’s economic woes could allegedly be.

Written in a well-known code of initials of the Thai alphabet, PNNGRJTKM, literally translating  “the stupid leader is leaving us all for dead”, the hashtag has gone viral overnight as a trend on Twitter following Prayut’s recent order to military units across the country to grow parsley in their premises for supply to domestic markets to contain the soaring price of the household vegetable.

“Such bizarre ideas reflected the poor competence of the leader who should just step down. With just his announcement that he is stepping down, the economic woes would almost certainly begin to subside,” tweeted one person.

“Is that the way the high prices of vegetables should be addressed by Thailand’s prime minister? Instead of turning those army barracks into field hospitals in the pandemic situation, he has ordered the military to grow parsley, lol, ” tweeted another.

During Thursday’s cabinet meeting at Government House, Prayut said he had ordered the military to turn the applicable open grounds in their barracks into vegetable gardens to grow highly-demanded vegetables such as parsley and chilis for supply to nearby domestic markets to keep their prices from rising further.

The premier’s order was apparently made in response to the price of parsley which has reportedly skyrocketed up to 400 baht per kilo in the wake of the floods which has quantitatively destroyed vegetables, mostly in the central region of the country.


Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha with a bunch of parsley inset. Photo: Matichon

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