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Phuket gold shop robber nabbed


A GARDENER working for a wealthy Phuket family was arrested today (Oct. 26) and charged with stealing 378 baht weight gold worth over 10 million baht from a gold shophouse on the island last Saturday and seriously wounding the owner and his wife, Thai Rath newspaper said.

At 1.30 p.m. today the police investigation team who tracked down the suspect, whose nickname is Chai Lek, said they did so by going through a large number of surveillance video clips.

They added that after the robber climbed back up to the roof of Taweechai gold shophouse from the hole he had cut open in the ceiling he jumped over to an abandoned house fronting Yaowarat road next door.

Once there he changed his clothes then climbed over the fence and dashed down Yaowaraj road and hopped on his motorcycle and rode down this road turning left at the intersection with Thalang road.

He then headed for Patipat-Krabi intersection and rode to Wichit Songkhram road where he disappeared into one of the houses located there.

Police said the suspect not only worked as a gardener for this wealthy family he also had a room in the workers quarters where he lived.

He was arrested this morning and taken to the Thalang police station where he was both questioned and his DNA samples taken with further details of this case to be revealed later.


Police police team who arrested the robber, left, and the gold shophouse he robbed, at right of this composite picture. The Thai headline says, “Gold robber arrested.”. Photo: Daily News

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