Daily Covid count drops to 9,489 as woman threatens to sue govt


THE PUBLIC Health Ministry said this morning (Sept. 28) the daily Covid tally had dropped to 9,489 cases but there were 129 additional deaths while a woman who lost her unborn child after the first Sinovac jab threatens to sue the government, said 

Of today’s decreased batch of cases, 9,220 were among the general public while 269 fell sick in prisons and detention centres.

This takes the cumulative confirmed total since April 1 to 1,552,552 and from the onset of the pandemic 1,581,415.

The additional 129 fatalities raised the death toll to 16,498.

Another 12,805 patients were cured taking total recoveries since April 1 to 1,420,780 while 116,711 patients are still undergoing treatment.

Meanwhile a 24-year-old woman and her relatives came to seek justice from Rayong Provincial Public Health Office after the first Sinovac jab she received led to the death of her unborn daughter while threatening to sue the government if justice is not served.

Ms. Sukrita Iadjabok, 24, said she had contacted Rayong Hospital to take her daughter’s body for a funeral but the staff said the body has to be sent for autopsy to find out the exact cause of death.

The staff added that the hospital was not at fault as the unborn child’s death was more likely due to the first shot of the Sinovac vaccine.

However some time passed but the hospital kept quiet and that is why Sukrita and her relatives came to ask the Rayong Provincial Public Health Office for justice.

 Mrs. Nataporn Phol-Ngam, Rayong’s deputy doctor for public health, met the family and told them that the Sinovac vaccination programme is the policy of the Public Health Ministry. Regarding Sukrita’s suspicion that the jab led to her unborn child’s death, an autopsy has to be conducted to determine the true cause and if the vaccination did lead to the miscarriage the government will offer compensation.

Later Sukrita and her relative went to Muang Rayong Police Station to file a record of what had transpired.

She added that if her case was not dealt with fairly she will definitely sue the government.


Sukrita talking to Rayong’s deputy doctor for public health Nataporn. Photos:


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