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Red-shirt TV programme host evicted from chilli sauce shop


GOING VIRAL on the Thai social media today (Sept. 21) is the eviction of a TV programme host who is a red-shirt suporter from a well-known Thai spicy chili sauce shop even though she had made an appointment a month in advance to go in for a shoot, Matichon newspaper said.

Ms Kham Phaka, a Voice TV programme host, writer and social critic, had gone to Nittaya Chili Sauce shop in Bang Lamphu area for a review as per her appointment.

However when she and the TV crew showed up, the unidentified owner told her she had never watched her programme and would like to do so first after which she could come back for an interview while also apologising to her for the inconvenience.

However Kham Praka, whose nickname is Khaek, said: “The appointment to film this programme was made a month in advance and auntie allowed it. However she later learned that I am a red-shirt follower so did not allow the filming – it ended there.”  

A video clip of the exchange between the two women was posted on the popular web page “C New Viewer 4K.” 

This video clip went viral and attracted a lot of comments from both red-shirt and yellow-shirt followers with some agreeing with what the shop owner did while others strongly criticised her action.


Kham Praka, left, talking to the chilli sauce shop owner. Thai headline says, “The moment “Khaek” Kham Praka was asked to leave the shop.” Photo: Matichon


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