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Din Daeng protesters plan to move to Nang Loeng intersection


A REPRESENTATIVE of the Thalu Gas adolescent protesters who have been rallying at Din Daeng intersection every night for over a month now said there are plans to shift their protest site to Nang Loeng intersection, Thai Rath newspaper said this evening (Sept. 20).

Speaking at 7 p.m. at this intersection where another protest was under way, the group’s representative said their nightly rallies here started on August 13 which was when wealthy protester Mr. Thanat Thanakitamnuay, or Hiso Luknut, was blinded in one eye after being hit by an object with this leading to resentment within the group.

However he admitted that the number of people joining the nightly protest has decreased lately as many members have been arrested while a few others are afraid to join in.

Yet he is among those carrying on until Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha resigns.

The media attention the Thalu Gas group has been getting has also led to other groups joining their activities leading misunderstandings and sometimes necessitating issuing orders to the group’s members who can distinguish who is who and have been told not to associate with the others.

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“As for the future direction or strategy, we can’t say right now because we have to discuss with the members first.

“We apologise to Din Daeng residents and road users that Thalu Gas’ demands have annoyed and troubled them. 

“We want you to look at it this way, if Gen. Prayut resigns or the police do not use violence against youths there would not be any damage.

“It is possible that we will shift the rally point from Din Daeng to another area, particularly Nang Loeng intersection, but the group must first hold talks about this because everything can change,” he said.


Car tyres ablaze and firecrackers light up the night sky during the September 12 protest at Din Daeng intersection and close by Royal Thai Army Band Department. Photos: Thai Rath

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