Family upset after dead uncle gets two letters to get Covid jab

A FACEBOOK user today (Sept. 18) related how his family has been distressed by officials sending two letters to his uncle who died from coronavirus to come in for a jab, said.

Nattapong Ho said his uncle died after catching Covid-19 over a month ago and shortly afterwards one letter from Nonthaburi Provincial Public Health Office arrived asking him to come in to get a Covid jab. 

As this letter reached them soon after his death, the family did not pay much attention to it.

However another letter stamped urgent just reached them again calling his dead uncle to come in for the jab.

Nattapong said people might think this is a small matter that can be straightened out by informing the officials of the error they made but to his family these letters just increased their suffering.

Another elderly uncle has been so badly affected by his brother’s death some nights he has not been able to sleep. Some days he is so depressed he cries.

Just as the family is trying to recover and adjust the second letter shows up, he said.

He urged the Public Health Ministry officials to pay greater attention to records of the deceased at the Interior Ministry’s  Provincial Administration department which are updated everyday.

Meanwhile the Public Health Ministry said this morning that there were 14,109 coronavirus cases and 122 deaths. This takes the cumulative confirmed total since April to 1,434,038 and since the start of the pandemic  1,462,901.

Today’s 122 fatalities raises the death toll to 15,246.

An additional 13,280 patients were cured taking total recoveries since April to 1,290,101 while 130,128 are still undergoing treatment.


The official letters, one stamped urgent, asking a dead man to come in for a Covid jab. Photo:


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