Measures in 10 most strictly controlled provinces to be further escalated

THE Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) is planning to elevate Covid-19 prevention measures in the 10 most strictly controlled provinces, after finding current restrictions are not having an impact on the situation, as well as violations of rules, NNT said this afternoon (July 16).

Deputy Spokesperson to the CCSA Dr. Apisamai Srirangsan reported that after an appraisal of measures imposed on the 10 most strictly controlled provinces, namely Bangkok, its surrounding provinces and four provinces of the south, since July 12, it was found that 217 violations of the restrictions had been committed. Of the total, 158 were people leaving their abodes after the prescribed time and 59 gatherings in excess of five people. Forty-five people have been charged.

The CCSA also found unpermitted interprovincial travel, leisure gatherings and gambling, while receiving complaints of establishments violating closure orders. In response, the centre is to elevate its measures and shutter more types of businesses in the 10 provinces.

On the use of Rapid Antigen Tests at home to alleviate bottle necks at test sites, the CCSA reiterates that people who receive a positive result must report to their nearest public health service office for care. Those who receive a negative result but are at risk must retake the test every three to five days. It asks that citizens purchase the tests at drug stores rather than online, as those tests may be sub-standard, reminding them that the tests must be sold by a pharmacist and are not available at convenience stores.


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