Locked down construction camp gets 50 food boxes for 400 people


WITH the month-long lockdown of construction workers camps in Bangkok and four neighbouring provinces kicking off today (June 28) the daughter of a worker at one of these camps heavily controlled by soldiers revealed that the authorities had only sent 50 food boxes for 400 of them trapped within and unable to come out, Amarin TV said this evening.

In a Facebook post the unnamed woman wrote that her dad is a worker at one of these camps. When news spread that workers in this camp had got infected, doctors and nurses came in to carry out tests. They tested him four times and the results were consistently negative.

However today his roommate got infected so he had to undergo another test. When she asked him for the result, he said they had cancelled all tests because there were a lot of people infected right now and not enough hospital beds for them.

She decided to send him some money for a test at a private hospital so that at the very least he could take care of himself.

However, he told her that he couldn’t go out because there were soldiers all over the place.

He added that the authorities had sent in 50 food boxes for 400 workers so there was no choice even with life at stake.


 Food being handed over to a construction workers camp. Thai headline says, “50 food boxes / 400 people.” Photo: Amarin TV


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