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Police seize Ice hidden in instant noodles heading for Israel


CHIANG RAI police arrested a man just as he was about to send a parcel of instant noodles to Israel with bags of crystal methamphetamine (Ice) hidden in them totalling 990 grammes, Matichon newspaper said this afternoon (June 16).

Pol Maj. Gen. Chinnawich Wichaithanaphat, head of the Chiang Rai Provincial Police, had assigned police investigators to probe the sending of drugs overseas via international mail.

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Police managed to find out that some drugs were to be mailed overseas from Wiang Chai district. When the suspect, Mr. Suchart Sae-Ho, or Jua, 24, came to the post office in this district carrying a parcel and looking a bit suspicious, police immediately searched his parcel and found 990 grammes of Ice packed in 39 sachets and hidden in the midst of the noodles with the destination being Israel.

The suspect told police that Mr Chai paid him 20,000 baht to mail the parcel to Israel from this post office.


The suspect and the packets of instant noodles in which Ice was hidden. Photos: Matichon


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