1,911 new Covid cases and 18 additional deaths 


THE  Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) said late this morning (May 6) that there were 1,911 new coronavirus cases during the last 24 hours, taking the cumulative confirmed total to 76,811, while 18 more fatalities raised the overall death toll to 336, Amarin TV said.

Another 2,435 patients have been cured, adding up to 46,795 who have been discharged from hospital.

However 29,680 patients are still undergoing treatment with 1,073 in severe condition and 356 using ventilators.

Of the new batch of patients, 1,749 emerged in service systems while proactive search in communities found 153 more. Nine overseas arrivals were placed in quarantine.

More people were vaccinated against coronavirus as follows:

– An additional 17,155 received their first jab, adding up to 1,167,719 who have done so;

– Another 11,603 got their second jab, totaling 434,114 who have completed the course.

Globally as of 10 a.m. this morning there were altogether 155,827,941 cases with 133,254,815 patients cured while the death toll has climbed to 3,255,399.

Meanwhile the Public Health Ministry urged all those who are infected by coronavirus to come in for treatment with those refusing to do so facing legal action.

Dr. Nattaphong Wongwiwat, deputy head of the Department of Medical Affairs, said some patients had been contacted by the 1668 helpline but refused treatment because they were confident they could take care of themselves.

However while their condition might have improved within one week they still had to be quarantined for 14 days and if upon being contacted by 191 to be admitted they refused to do so they will be hit with legal action.

Dr. Nattaphong added that this is important because the authorities do not want the disease to spread within the community. Those who have been in a good state for a few days have to coordinate with the officials in order to take care of themselves at home. They will be registered and a medical team will be giving them advice. There will be periodic follow up until the 14 days are up, at which point they are considered to have passed the transmission stage.


Top: A woman undergoing a Covid test.

Home Page: A field hospital. Photos: NNT


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