Doctors giving key drug to Covid patients sooner than before


AS coronavirus patients in the current third wave of the outbreak are sinking faster and dying sooner than before Thai doctors have started giving them the drug Favipiravir at the first sign of abnormalities without waiting for symptoms to appear, TV Channel 7 said this evening (May 2).

Dr. Prasit Wattanapa, dean of Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University said that Favipiravir is now immediately given to patients when an X-ray shows anomalies even though they have still to show any symptoms.

This has led to concern about having stock of this medicine as it has to be imported, he added.

Dr. Prasit also opined that this current Covid wave, which is still spreading unchecked, is a result of not implementing strong measures during Songkran holidays. Allowing people to travel widely during this key holiday week also led to this disease spreading rampantly.

The number of people who have become seriously ill and then dying is three times higher than the first wave.

Dr Prasit mentioned that if the number of patients continues to rise, with over 25 percent of them being serious cases, it could affect the medical service and push it to crisis point because right now many hospitals are overflowing with patients and have already reached their maximum capacity.


A Chao Phraya river boat zooms past Siriraj Hospital. Photo: Paul_the_Seeker(CC BY 2.0)


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