Mad rush to buy surfskates at a Phuket store

WITH surfskating right up there among the top trends with this boosted by various events particularly the Amazing Thailand Phuket Surfskate Series 2021 it has led to a huge demand for these skateboards with the price climbing higher than gold, Amarin TV said today (March 8).

Because of the high demand and short supply, this has led to price manipulation with some vendors jumping on the bandwagon by buying stock lots to resell.

Over the weekend a sporting goods store in Phuket obtained a new supply of these much-sought-after skateboards with most of it being cruiser boards that can be converted to surfboards.

As soon as news spread people started queuing up in front of the store to snap up one of them.

The Facebook page, “Can you go with me – Phuket check in”, said that the rush to buy a surfboard at this store was like a zombie movie.

“As soon as the mall door opened, people rushed in and pushed and shoved to get a surfboard with no one giving way at all. And all was gone in the blink of an eye.”

The first event of the Phuket Surfskate Series 2021 where many activities have been arranged including a workshop and a surfskating show took place on February 20 at Phuket Old Town.

The dates and venues of next three events are as follows:

May 23: Karon Beach

Aug 14: Patong Beach

Nov 13: Surin Beach


Top and Home Page: The mad rush to buy surfskates at a Phuket sporting goods store over the weekend. Photo: Amarin TV


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