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Wife sues husband’s bride for damages

THE wife of a policeman who yesterday morning (Feb. 18) gatecrashed her husband’s wedding to another woman and showed them her marriage certificate and was then told to leave today filed a case against the bride for damages, Sanook.com said.

The video clip of this scene at the wedding, shared by Mrs. Nipaphan (surname withheld), 33, showing her policeman husband, 34, dressed in white uniform getting married to another woman, has gone viral on Thai social media. 

Later at 2 p.m. today reporters were able to interview this policeman by phone and he admitted that all the confusion that occurred he alone is responsible and is the source of the problem. He urged the public not to blame or criticise his bride because she did not know anything and to scold and find fault with him alone because right now everyone is stressed out and very embarrassed.

Asked whether he would reconcile with his wife or not, the policeman said with events having escalated to this point he has decided to remain in the middle and not live with anyone. However he added that he would fully support his two daughters as is his duty as a father.

Mrs. Nipaphan revealed that she has been married to this policeman for 16 years. They have two girls, one 15 years old and the other five. They have been living with her parents-in-law.

She added that she learnt about a year ago that her husband was having a relationship with this woman but nonetheless he continued behaving normally, going to work in the morning and returning in the evening.

Upon being alerted by her friends that the other woman announced her wedding on social media, she and her mother-in-law went there just as the ceremony was beginning and live-streamed the scene for all to see.

Her mother-in-law was also angry with her son and slapped his head out there.

Yesterday Mrs Nipaphan together with a volunteer went to Chainat province’s Family Court and filed a case against the bride to claim damages with the video clip submitted as evidence.

She did not sue her husband because she wants to give him a chance to return to her as she feels sorry for her two children.

Reporters went to Mueang Chainat police station where this policeman is based but other officers said that he had taken leave and could not be contacted. According to police regulations policemen are allowed to 20 days leave a year and this officer, whose leave started on Feb 12, has not said when he will be back to work, but did mention that he is stressed out with problems in both houses.

Pol.Col. Prathorn Harnhatakit, head of Mueang Chainat police station, said this incident had damaged the image of the Royal Thai Police force. He has therefore ordered a disciplinary investigation into the facts of this case.

 If the policeman is found guilty, there are various levels of penalty based on severity of the offense ranging from detention to dismissal.

However he is still waiting for the result of the probe.


Top: The policeman who got married again while still married to another woman and the station he works in. Thai headline says, “Apologises to society.” Photo: Sanook.com

Home Page: Pixelated images of the woman who is suing her husband’s bride for damages. Thai headline says, ” Got married, lived together for 16 years, but husband secretly weds again.” Photo: Sanook.com



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