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Bangkok tap water saltier ‘but safe for healthy folk to drink’

BANGKOK Governor Asawin Khwanmuang said today (Feb. 2) that the capital’s tap water is now saltier than before but is still safe for most people in good health to drink but small children, the elderly, sick and small pets should avoid it, Thai Rath newspaper reported.

That Bangkok’s tap water has turned brackish is because of drought and high tide that caused more salt to pass through the tap water production system.

Those suffering from certain underlying illnesses, including kidney and heart ailments, diabetes, blood pressure problems and brain disease, should avoid the current saltier tap water.

Owners of small pets should beware that the brackish tap water could lead to higher salt content passing to their system with this possibly affecting ongoing illnesses.

While those in good health can safely consume the saltier tap water, they should reduce salt in their food.

Moreover care must be taken in using water from Chao Phaya river and branch canals for plants as the salinity is high. Measurement at five stations in Bangkok showed the following sality of the Chao Phraya river water with the standard being 1.2 grammes per litre:
– Wat Chaeng Ron: 12.4 g / litre

– Dao Khanong: 12.0 g / litre

– Bangkok Yai: 9.6 g / litre

– Thewet: 10.6 g / litre

– Bangkhen Mai: 6.6 g / litre


Beware that Bangkok’s tap water is now brackish. Photo: Thai Rath

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