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Protest guard leader blasts police over bomb attack

THE leader of We Volunteer (WeVo) guards lambasted the police in a Facebook post for not making any progress in a bomb attack against the group on New Year’s Eve, Sanook.com reported today (Jan 5).

Mr. Piyarat Jongthep, or Toto, wrote that in the middle of that night two men riding a motorcycle zoomed in from the foot of Phra Pinklao bridge to the area on Ratchadamnoen road where his group had gathered to prepare for a shrimp sale on New Year’s Day and tossed a home-made bomb at them.

Luckily the bomb rolled under a pickup truck and exploded the vehicle which led to four persons being slightly injured. However if it had reached the group several guards would have been badly injured.

Some guards chased the motorcycle but it managed to escape after reaching the Democracy Monument.

The guards gave the discription of the two men and the motorcycle they were riding on to the police but when they asked to see the surveillance camera clips of the attack, they were told that not one camera on this important road was working.

Piyarat said he was surprised that none of the surveillance cameras on this route which is frequently used by the Royal Family were working and wondered if the attackers had connections with high-ranking police officers or someone the police feared.


Top: WeVo guard leader Piyarat talking to the Press. Thai headline says, “cameras not working again.” Photo: Sanook.com



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