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Hospital director shot dead at his clinic in Phetchaburi city

A MAN who came in as a patient shot dead the director of King Mongkut Memorial Hospital (Phra Chom Klao Hospital) at his clinic in Phetchaburi city at 11 a.m. today (Dec. 19), Sanook.com reported.

The killer, who had driven up in a white sedan, went into the clinic and was examined by Dr. Chumpol. Upon coming out and waiting to pay the bill, he told the clinic staff that he was going to get his money from the car.

After that he was spotted walking frantically back to the clinic, then barged into Dr. Chumpol’s examination room and shot him dead on the spot and quickly fled.

Police said they have a surveillance camera clip of the killer parking his car in front of the clinic and suspect it is the same man who had previously come in with a pistol and threatened Dr. Chumpol.

This man’s wife works at this clinic and it is believed that he is jealous of the close relationship between her and the doctor.


The Dr. Chumpol’s clinic where he was shot dead this morning. Photo: Sanook.com


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