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Judgement day for Prime Minister Prayut

TODAY is the day people have waited for as the Constitution Court will be handing down its ruling on Prime Minister and Defence Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha continuing to reside in a state house within a military camp even though he retired from military service six years ago, watching to see whether or not it will lead to him stepping down, Thai Rath newspaper reported this morning (Dec. 2).

Meanwhile People’s Party leader Mr Parit Chivarak, or Penguin, had earlier announced a rally at the Constitution Court at 2 p.m. today to hear the verdict. However yesterday the Thammasat Coalition and the Assembly shifted the location to Ladprao intersection starting from 4 p.m. onwards.

Gen. Prayut has said he is not making any guesses nor is he thinking a lot about this issue because it concerns the justice system and no matter what the verdict will be, he will respect and accept it.

Regarding going to live in Phitsanulok Mansion, which is the official residence of the Thai Prime Minister, Gen. Prayut said it still needs to be properly renovated. It had been repaired once several years ago but has suffered damage over time.

He also added that it is too big for his family.

Asked about this mansion being haunted, Gen. Prayut said there is no need to be afraid of anything and he fully intends to do good for the country, religion and monarchy.

Only two prime ministers, Prem Tinsulanonda and Chuan Leekpai, have taken residence at Baan Phitsanulok, which is believed to be haunted, and both of them resided only for a few days before moving out to other premises, Wikipedia reported.

Asked about moving into a private home outside the camp, Gen. Prayut said he does have a house and if they do not let him stay he could just go there. However he mentioned that there is limited space and the country’s leader has to be well protected and to look at what takes place in other countries.

He pointed out that he is still standing today is because sacred objects protect him and are helping him realise his goal to help Thailand prosper. 

He added that he is being very careful because he knows what is taking place today is a political strategy. He underscored he has not done anything illegal and is wary of bad karma.


Prime Minister Prayut giving a peace sign while going on a boat ride recently, above, and attending a Cabinet meeting recently, first below.

Second below: The huge protest  at the entrance of 11th Infantry Regiment headquarters on Saturday. Photos: Thai Rath



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