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Thousands of protesters close Bangna intersection 

THE lively and bustling demonstration that started in front of  Imperial World Samrong department store at 4 p.m. today (Nov. 28) had moved to Bangna intersection by nightfall with vocational guards taking care of the security, Siam Rath and Naewna newspapers reported.

Red-shirt movement members were among the various groups of protesters who joined today’s rally, entitled “Big rally, seize Bangna,” with students and the general public present. Members of Liberation from Dictatorship Organization, Samut Prakan Coalition and Assembly and the Labour Network for People’s Rights too showed up.

Singing and dancing as well as dinosaur shows, with the latter representing the outdated mindset of the government, took place in front of the store. Protest leaders started giving stinging speeches from 4. 39 p.m. onwards amid constant screams of approval and clapping by the demonstrators.

Aside from focusing on their three key demands, that is Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and his group resign; people’s draft constitution amendment be accepted; and monarchy reform; the speeches also dwelt upon the education system and institutions and labour issues.


Demonstrators at Bangna intersection after marching from Imperial World Samrong department store this evening. Photos: Siam Rath newspaper


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