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UFO sightings stir excitement in Chiang Mai


THE northern Chiang Mai city is gripped by UFO mystery today (Oct. 9) after a university student and his friends shared a video clip of an unidentified flying object (UFO) in an air control zone above Doi Suthep taken in July and then saw it again last week but it was too far away to be filmed, Amarin TV reported.

Mr. Krisana Inwan, 21, a 4th year student at Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, and his two friends Mr. Machaya Yamamut, 22, and Ms. Arawanya, 22, said the video clip was taken on the rooftop of a shopping mall in this city in the afternoon of July 20 this year.

He had noticed a mysterious object that looked like a UFO flying in the northern direction above Doi Suthep, so quickly captured a clip on his mobile phone.

He added that this object was black and oval in shape but seemed to be able to change its shape.

The student first thought it was a drone but then ruled it out because this is an air control zone being in the flight path. It also was not a floating lantern or balloons because it was flying against the wind.

The three friends again went up to the shopping mall rooftop last week and saw a similar object but this time flying eastwards and much further away so could not be filmed.

The three of them had tested the air control zone by sending in a drone but a signal was immediately issued forcing them to bring it back to ground.

The UFO video clip is being widely shared in Chiang Mai with some people confident it is a flying saucer while others say it is either a drone, some balloons or a floating lantern.


Top: The UFO sighted above Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai. Thai headline asks, “ghost saucer showed up in Chiang Mai?”

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