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Former boxing champ in coma after insect bite

A VERY popular and successful Thai boxer of yesteryear, whose professional name was Dok Mai Pa P. Pongsawang, is in coma after a bite by an unknown insect led to bloodstream infection, Amarin TV reported this morning (Oct. 7, 2020).

The former star boxer, whose real name is Mr. Jamnian Mulkesorn, 52, and who now works as an employee of the technical division of Yang Talat sub-district municipality, Yang Talat district, Kalasin province, after hanging up his gloves around 30 years ago, was bitten by the insect on his left thigh last Wednesday September 30 while cutting grass.

His older daughter, Ms. Jirapon Mulkesorn, 27, said the bite led to a red rash but it was last Saturday that he had a fever with chills and dizziness. The next day his younger daughter, Ms. Jaruwan Mulkesorn, 22, rushed him to Kalasin Hospital.

Doctors now say aside from the blood infection the former boxing champ’s blood pressure is very low while he has an underlying disease, diabetes. It has been found that he is also suffering from cirrhosis and most recently, some visceral systems failed, plunging him into a coma with a respirator needed all the time.

His two daughters said their father was in good health and worked normally with it not appearing that he needed a physical checkup. Suddenly after this insect bite other illnesses have been found and they are praying for his recovery.

Dok Mai Pa P. Pongsawang was very successful in his heyday being paid 100,000 baht for a match. He was known for his heavy fists and shins particularly the left shin which he once used to kick his opponent off the ring. He is a six-time champion at Lumpini Boxing Stadium and also was very successful at Ratchadamnoen Boxing Stadium.

Originally from Roi Et province, he is the younger brother of another very successful boxer, Deduang P. Pongsawang, and moved to Kalasin after his marriage.


Top: The star boxer at the height of his career, left, and today, right .

Below: Dok Mai Pa P. Pongsawang on the cover of a boxing magazine. Photos: Amarin TV

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