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Action taken to protect giant monkeys after two show up

OFFICIALS moved to block any access to Khao Nor hill in Nakhon Sawan province after tourists and local people were thrilled to see two giant monkeys that had come down this very hill last evening (Sept. 28), Thai Rath newspaper reported.

Ms. Viraya Ochakul, director of the Wildlife Conservation Division of the Office of the 12th Conservation Management Area (Nakhon Sawan), together with relevant officials went to this hill today to investigate and confirm whether there were giant monkeys living there. They intend to place cameras in various places in the hope of capturing some footage of these rare creatures.

In the meantime the public is forbidden from going up this hill to look for these huge monkeys for fear of scaring them which would lead to migration elsewhere.

Ms. Viraya said previously a large macaque weighing 10.5 kilogrammes was found on this hill. However the heaviest one to have ever been found weighed 16 kgs but it was living in Khao Phanom Set area of this same province.

The average life expectancy of these monkeys is 15 to 30 years and average body size from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail is 42-57 centimetres. Of course how big they grow and how long they live depends on how fertile their habitat is.

Villagers in this area said they were delighted to see the two huge monkeys with their own eyes last evening and want to conserve the environment so that they have a good habitat to live in.

It is as yet uncertain what kind of monkeys they are but some people who saw the two that appeared last evening say they looked like human beings.

Some say these two monkeys are ones that an old abbot had raised then released into the wild but they are waiting for confirmation from the authorities.

Provincial MPs mentioned another highlight of Nakhon Sawan and that is watching hundreds of bats flying out to hunt for food at dusk.


Top: The two giant monkeys seen in Nakhon Sawan last evening.

Below: The hill from which the two huge monkeys came down and other smaller ones in this area. Photos: Thai Rath


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