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Penguin calls on Thais to paralyze the country on October 14

IN OFFICIALLY ending the demonstration entitled “September 19 Reclaiming People’s Power” at 9.09 a..m. this morning (Oct. 20) one of the leaders, Mr. Parit Chivarak, or Penguin, called on the people and students to stop working and studying on October 14, which is the anniversary of the mass uprising against military dictatorship in 1973, and paralyze the country, Amarin TV reported.

He gave this speech after Ms. Panusaya Sitthichirawattanakul, or Rung, another student leader, had handed over their demands to the Metropolitan Police at 8.50 a.m. with the demonstrators saying they are gathering again in front of the National Assembly on Sept. 24 when the House will be debating constitutional amendments.

The morning after the huge demonstration started with the installation of a plaque at Sanam Luang at 6.14 a.m. with this being similar to the one installed by Khana Rasadorn at the Royal Plaza in 1932 after the revolution they mounted had ended absolute monarchy and brought in constitutional monarchy.

Khana Rasadorn’s plaque disappeared in April 2017 and was replaced with an ultraroyalist plaque.

Later at 10 a.m. within Thammasat University Penguin said the just-ended demonstration was an enormous success of their long struggle, Thai Rath newspaper reported.

The demonstrators are returning to history and the traditional way of life by installing the plaque at Sanam Luang, he said, adding that if anyone removes it, they could again install a new plaque with those doing so being cursed.

He added that the demonstrators had proven to the society that change does necessarily have to come about through violence.  There were rumours that police were prepared to fire live bullets but nothing happened because the huge group of demonstrators was not violent.

The next demonstration will be organized by the Free Youth group on September 24 to observe the constitutional amendments, he added.

Top: Penguin addressing the demonstrators early this morning. Thai headline says, “October 14, country will be paralyzed.” Photo: Amarin TV

First below: Demonstrators installing the plaque at Sanam Luang. Photo: Amarin TV

Second below: This composite photo shows the installation of the plaque. Thai headline says, “Installing Khana Rasadorn plaque.” Photo: Amarin TV

Bottom: Exuberant Protest leaders give the three-finger salute. Photo: Thai Rath


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