Finance Ministry denies facing cash shortfall

A FIRM denial of cash flow problems was issued by the Finance Ministry this afternoon (Sept. 12) with a top official stating that it is not true that the ministry is suspending living allowance payments to the elderly and the disabled while only able to pay civil servants and other workers for just three months, Khaosod newspaper reported.

Mr. Lavaron Sangsnit, the director-general of the Fiscal Policy Office, said as the ministry’s spokesman that living allowance payments to the elderly and the disabled have not been omitted but just deferred due to budget adjustment to the number of eligible recipients this month, which is the last month of fiscal 2020.

The Department of Local Administration has allocated budget for these payments and the Comptroller General’s Department will continue to pay those eligible, with this to be completed this month.

Where salaries of the civil servants and other government personnel are concerned, the government has sufficient funds to cover the payment in accordance to the annual budget for each year. The budget bill for fiscal 2021 is currently under consideration by Parliament.

Mr. Lavaron added that the government remains in a strong fiscal position and continues to get revenue from taxation and other sources.

The Finance Ministry is able to continue covering the spending by government agencies and implement policies to drive the economy.


Top: A composite photo illustrating salary payment to civil servants. Photo: Khaosod



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