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Hunt for cabbie who punctured tyres on five vehicles

A TAXI driver flattened the tyres on five vehicle parked at Nonthaburi province’s Baan Muang district municipality yesterday leaving the owners completely perplexed as to why he did so, Sanook.com reported today (Sept. 5, 2020).

The five victims of this vandalism, which was shared on line by the New Content page, are Mr. Chakrit, 34, the owner of a white Toyota Yaris subcompact with the right rear tyre punctured; Ms. Panwadee, whose white Daihatsu Mira microcar had both rear tyres pierced;  Mr. Pakin, the owner of a bronze-colour Toyota Vios subcompact with left tyre pierced; Ms. Somsri, 54, whose had all four tyres on her Honda Jazz supermini flattened; and similarly Ms. Nitra Prasert, deputy mayor of Bang Muang district, whose red Nissan Amera family car suffered four flattened tyres.

A CCTV clip at the municipality car park shows that the cabbie, who is around 70 years old, had parked his yellow taxi at the side of the building and then walked towards the parked vehicles and took out a metal rod which he used to stab the tyres.

After that he calmly walked back to his cab and started cleaning it as if nothing had happened.

Ms. Nithra said she had parked her car at the municipality car park and then went up to work at her office. After that she had to go and visit a community together with another official but when they got into her car they realized that the tyres had been punctured.

She has reported this act of vandalism to the police but added that she does not know why the taxi driver did this as her car was parked in the car park and was not blocking him in anyway.


Top: The cabbie who flattened the wheels on five cars yesterday. Thai headline asks, “What is the motive?” Photo: Sanook.com

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