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Naked woman covered with plastic bags found floating down the river

THE NAKED BODY of a fair Asian woman covered with two plastic bags was found lodged at the Chao Phraya river bank near Tha Din Daeng ferry pier at 8 a.m. this morning (Sept. 1) after floating down from the direction of Memorial Bridge, Thai Rath newspaper reported.

Pol. Maj. Teerawat Kerdjongrak, an investigator at Pak Klong San police station, rushed to the spot on the river bank where the body had got stuck together with Scientific Crime Detection officers, a forensics doctor from Siriraj Hospital and rescuers, with the team quickly bringing the dead woman ashore.

it was estimated that the deceased Asian woman was around 20 to 40 years of age. She was completely naked and had no documents with her. From the head to the waist she was covered with a pink plastic bag and over it a green one. She was wearing a bracelet with diamond-like stones.

The body has already decomposed with hair and nails having fallen off and it is estimated that the woman had been dead for 72 hours. There were wounds on the right side and back of her waist.

Mr. Sahaphop Rerkarat, 61, an advisor to the Electricity Generating Authority’s workers union, who first sighted the body said he was sitting at his house next to the river and suddenly saw two human legs emerge from the water. He quickly called the police to come and have a look.

He added that dead bodies floating down the river frequently get stuck in this area but with this one it is quite certain she had been murdered.

Police have sent her body to Siriraj Hospital for an autopsy to determine the cause of death while quickly searching missing persons files to try to identify her. Those who suspect it could be their relative should call Pak Klong San police station at 02-438-1034.


Top: The naked dead woman in the green plastic bag after being brought ashore. Photo: Thai Rath


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