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Thai Pakdee leader: Guards didn’t punch man wearing red shirt

IN A Facebook post today (August 31) Dr. Warong Dechgitvigrom, leader of right-wing Thai Pakdee group, clarified that the group’s guards had not assaulted a 60-year-old man who was wearing a red shirt near Thai-Japanese Bangkok Youth Centre where yesterday’s gathering had taken place as has been reported online, Naewna newspaper reported this afternoon.

Dr. Warong made the following points in his post:

– Yesterday’s forum was organized to provide information to the group’s members and others who were interested in an enclosed space, that is the stadium. For this reason no guards were used with police being informed to take care of the event.

– The incident that occurred was not within the Thai Pakdee event area, being further away and outside it.

– The man in the incident is a cleaner of the stadium but he accidentally wore a red shirt without any political implication.

– During that time this man was sweeping water from the road surface and splashed some people attending the event which led to an argument and verbal abuse.

– Another man who saw the incident stepped in to stop the fracas but then punched the man wearing the red shirt and got into a cab and went away.


Top: Thai Pakdee leader Dr. Warong. Thai headline says, “asking for justice.” Photo: Naewna

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