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Prayut warns right-wing mob to not break the law

PRIME Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said today (August 27) that a planned rally by right-wing Thai Pakdee Group to protect the country and support the government on Sunday August 30 cannot be stopped but it has to be watched whether they break the law or not, Khaosod newspaper reported this afternoon,

Speaking at 3 p.m. after chairing a meeting of the National Security Council the Prime Minister urged the public to consider whether they would like the country to continue being like this or not with the action of just a few people having total impact.

He added that he does not know whether there are people behind the scenes as this can only be determined with evidence.

He warned that if Thais continue in this manner with everyone ignoring the law then he does not know how the people could live together.

Meanwhile Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan gave a very brief reply when asked about Dr. Varong Dechkitvikrom, the leader of the Thai Pakdee group, calling a rally at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre on Sunday in a show of strength to protect the country that “there is nothing to it.”

At the same time Haruthai Muangbunsri, or Au, a former famous singer and one of the Thai Pakdee members, posted a message on Facebook urging people to join Sunday’s rally to protect the nation, religion and monarchy according to the rights and freedom under the Thai constitution.


Top: A composite photo of Prime Minister Prayut and right-wingers. Photo: Khaosod

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