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Over 250,000 ecstasy pills seized in 10 months

THAI officials have intercepted the potent ecstasy drug parcelled from Europe 28 times over the last 10 months impounding 259,416 tablets with 26 traffickers arrested, INN News reported today (August 15, 2020).

Mr. Niyom Termsrisuk, secretary-general of the Narcotics Control Board (NACC), said this agency together with customs officials acting under Airport Interdiction Task Force that is responsible for intercepting transnational trafficked drugs seized 39,500 ecstasy pills parcelled from Germany and the Netherlands during August 1-4, 2020.

Of this amount, 35,000 pills were seized in a parcel from Germany and another 4,500 from the Netherlands.

Of the 28 interceptions over the past 10 months, there were 18 smuggling attempts from Germany with a total of 174,409 ecstasy pills seized; Portugal three times yielding 17,222 pills; the Netherlands three times yielding 10,630 pills; France two times yielding 32,145 pills; and Belgium and Slovenia once each with altogether 25,010 pills seized.

Mr. Niyom added that the Narcotics Analysis and Technical Service Institute had tested the ecstasy pills sent from Europe and found that they contained MethyleneDioxy MethAmphetamine: MDMA, which is one of the derivatives of methamphetamine (Speed).

It is classified in the same group as methamphetamine and Ice to the amount of 40-60 percent, with each pill being four times more lethal than methamphetamine.

This drug can lead to the body becoming severely dehydrated triggering hypothermia. In some cases an overdose can lead to heart and kidney failure and even death.

In Thailand ecstasy is a category one drug under the Narcotics Act and could lead to the death penalty


Top: One of the parcels containing ecstasy pills seized over the past 10 months. Photo: INN News


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