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Police ‘searching for the truth’ in probing beamed laser messages

DEPUTY police spokesman Pol Col Krissana Pattanacharoen this afternoon (12.5.2020) said police and security officials are “searching for the truth” in the beaming of laser messages at various places last night and are closely following the situation as it is known that there are people who want to create confusion this month, PostToday reported.

Those behind this action are relating a case that has fully ended and the legal team is studying what wrongdoing occurred, he added.

The two hashtag messages, “Finding the Truth” and “The Truth Must Come Out” (#ตามหาความจริง #ความจริงต้องปรากฏ), were beamed on to the Defence Ministry and Wat Phathumwanaram temple buildings as well as some stations. They appear to be linked to the Black May 1992 events and the breaking up of the rally by the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship in 2010.

Pol Col Krissana also said that in searching for the truth every process that yields an answer as well as every channel is being tracked. This is being done at a time when the government is focusing on handling the Covid-19 pandemic and those responsible should realize that their action broke the law.

Even though a political party has come out to relate the background of the shining of laser messages in a video clip, police still have to study what was related in detail and work out who broke what law with this case being process like a normal criminal one, he said.

Despite people coming forth and confirming that an offense was committed and who should be sued, police still have to gather evidence because just their statement and confession is not enough.


Pol Col Krissana talking to the Press. Photo: PostToday

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