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Assistant village headman denies killing nine-month pregnant wife

FACING murder charges is the assistant village headman of Huay Sai Nua sub-district , Cha-am district, Phetchaburi province, after his nine-month pregnant wife died of a gunshot wound in the head but the suspect still adamantly denies taking her life, Sanook.com reported this afternoon (August 11).

Ms. Cherdchom, 44, and her husband Mr. Chairachawat, or Pom, 37, had got into a fierce argument on Friday August 7 after he had gone out drinking with his friends and then brought them back home to drink some more beer while also playing loud music.

After that a gunshot was fired and Chairachawat took his wife to Hua Hin Hospital where she died.

However while he says that his wife shot herself to death, her relatives dispute that and believe that he did so having found out that he was involved with another woman who is five months pregnant.

Cherdchom’s relatives became suspicious after there was a discrepancy between the police report which says that she had put the 9mm short pistol in her mouth and then fired it and the initial autopsy which shows that the bullet had travelled from the head and out through the thyroid.

With a detailed autopsy confirming the bullet’s trajectory, Cherdchom’s relatives appealed to the court to issue a warrant for his arrest.

Yesterday, police investigators armed with the autopsy report themselves asked the court to issue a warrant to arrest and detain the suspect and have since then done so.  However the suspect continues to deny the charges.


Top: A pixelated picture of the couple on their wedding day. Thai headline says, “Killed both his wife and child.” Photo: Sanook.com


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