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Two close friends commit charcoal-burning suicide together

A MAN and a woman who were close friends and both worked for a well-known life insurance company committed suicide together by burning a charcoal stove in a sedan in Ubon Ratchathani province last evening, Sanook.com reported today (August 6, 2020).

At 6 a.m. this morning Pol. Capt. Surachai Kaewkhampha, duty officer for investigation at Warin Chamrap police station, rushed to a university campus in this northeastern province where he found the two of them dead through suffocation by burning a charcoal stove in the sedan which was parked in front of a guest house within the compound.

Mr. Chatt Ratanaphat, 31, was found dead sitting on the rear left seat while the body of Ms. Tharini, 30, was in the driver’s seat. On the floor was the charcoal stove that had burned out with there only being ash remaining.

The police officer collected the evidence and did not see any signs of struggle or being physicially harmed. They had by that point been dead for eight to 12 hours.

Relatives said that they both worked for the wellknown life insurance company and were close friends.

Chatt’s relatives said they were unable to reach him so called the company but they said he left around noon. They then checked the mobile phone signals and finally found them dead at the campus.

Chatt’s relatives added that he was a worrier and was constantly thinking about various issues including falling sick because he had undergone brain surgery after an accident but they did not think he would kill himself in this manner.

Police have sent their bodies for autopsy to ascertain the cause of death before releasing them to their relatives for funeral rites.


Top: The sedan in which the two friends committed suicide together. Thai headline says, “Both dead.” Photo: Sanook.com

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