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Big hunt for gunman in killing of gambling policeman, 3 others

METROPOLITAN Police are chasing a gunman who shot dead one of the four gamblers, among whom is a policeman, at a shophouse in Rama 3 road last night, Thai  Rath newspaper and Sanook.com reported this afternoon (August 4, 2020).

Pol. Lt. Geng Phukphong Phongpetra, head of Metropolitan Police, said investigation revealed that one of the dead persons had a problem with the policeman and then shot him and two others. After that a fifth person shot him dead too and fled.

Killed at the scene were Pol. Maj. Watthaset Samnieangprasert, or Inspector Max., an inspector at  Samae Dam Police Station, another man and two women. Three of them have been identified while the documents of the fourth person killed in this shootout have not been found yet.

Reporters asked Pol. Lt. Gen. Phukphong whether a Chinese person is involved in this shootout but he replied that this is still being investigated.

However police confirmed a foreign civil servant is not among those who have been killed. They added that this shophouse was used to get together and gamble but it was not operated as a gambling den.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Phukphong also mentioned that there are no CCTV camera clips recording the gunman fleeing.

Police are expediting investigation into this case and will not protect nor help anyone involved while being fair to all parties, he added.

Meanwhile Samae Dam Police Station said that Inspector Max did like to gamble but it is still being probed how heavy a gambler he was. Yet despite liking to gamble no fault could be found in his carrying out his duties.


Top: Pol. Lt. Gen. Phukphong  at a police meeting this morning. Thai headline says, “Quickly building up the case.” Photo: Sanook.com

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