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Phuket ambulance thief nabbed after being chased by rescuers

PHUKET RESCUERS, helped by the police, took two hours to apprehend a thief who had stolen their ambulance at 4 a.m. this morning (July 23), Sanook.com reported.

Acting Lt.Pasakorn Sirichoochot, a volunteer at Kusol Tham Phuket Foundation, said it was lucky that he came out of the building around 10 minutes after the thief had sped off with their ambulance and quickly hopped on his motorcycle to chase him,  while alerting the other rescuers to do likewise.

Realizing that the thief would be heading out of Phuket island and would have to stop to fill petrol, he went to several pumps to ask whether an ambulance had stopped by.

One of them said an ambulance did show up with the driver asking to fill petrol for which he would pay later as he did not have any cash on him, but they refused him  so he drove off.

After searching for the thief for a while police at Takua Pa district in adjacent Phang Nga province said they saw the ambulance parked at the bus terminal and had arrested the driver, but he managed to escape just as a report was being written.

However 20 minutes later rescuers from Sawang Mekah Foundation caught hold of the thief and finally got the ambulance back.


Top: The Sawang Mekah ambulance that chased the thief. Thai headline says, “stealing an ambulance.” Photo: Sanook.com


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