Escape to a waterfall close to Bangkok

By Peeranut P.,

WOULDN’T IT be good if you had a chance to sleep in a tent near a waterfall and chill out as you listen to the stream flow by?

Just thinking about it would make you want to go to one such place and Sanook Travel has just the ideal spot to recommend and this is a camping ground next to Kra-ang waterfall, at Si Ka-ang subdistrict, Ban Na District, Nakhon Nayok province.

This camping ground is located at the Suan Khaiwa private park and for just a hundred baht visitors can pitch a tent next to the steam flowing down from the waterfall. They would be sheltered by a tree canopy with these trees making it easy to tie tent ropes.

Aside from getting a chance to lie down and relax in the midst of nature, this location is also ideal for taking good photos, and one could get some great shots at the waterfall. This waterfall is in fact a small one but brims up and turns very beautiful when the flow is heavy.

If you are tired at work, consider packing your tent and driving a few hours from Bangkok to this stunning place and let nature take care of you. This is the place to chill out over a weekend.


The beautiful Kra-ang waterfall adjacent to Suan Kaiwa private park. Photos:


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