Negative results for all Covid-19 high-risk groups in Rayong, Bangkok

ALL 1,336 Rayong natives and 267 Bangkok residents at high-risk of contracting Covid-19 after exposure to an infected Egyptian soldier and the young daughter of a Sudanese diplomat have tested negative for the deadly disease, Naewna newspaper reported this morning (July 16, 2020).

Dr.Suwannachai Wattanayingcharoenchai, the head of the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health, said 886 people who where shopping at Passione Shopping Destination (previously known has Laemthong) at the same time the infected Egyptian soldier was there tested negative for coronavirus.

So did 447 people who were shopping at Central Department Store in Rayong when four of the 31-member Egyptian military delegation were strolling around there last Friday test negative.

Three Rayong natives who were similarly exposed but had come to Bangkok and were called in by SMS too tested negative.

The Rayong tests were conducted by a mobile clinic donated by His Majesty the King.

In Bangkok another mobile clinic, also donated by His Majesty  the King, tested 267 residents of a condominium in Sukhumvit soi 26 as the Sudanese diplomat’s infected young daughter had gone to stay there and all tested negative too.

However Dr.Suwannachai said while all those who could have been infected have now been cleared, people should still strictly protect themselves as they previously did for 14 days.

This means wearing face masks, washing hands frequently, using separate items, reduce going out of the home and maintaining social distance.

Those who need additional information should call the department’s hotline 1422 to get the needed advise.


Top: People at risk of contracting Covid-19 infection standing in a queue to get tested. Photo: Naewna


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