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Foreigner commits strange suicide in Pattaya

AN Australian man was found to have committed suicide in an unusual manner at a Pattaya apartment yesterday afternoon (July 4) with there being no trace of an intruder, Sanook.com reported this afternoon.

At 4.30 p.m. Pol Lt Col Nithat Waenpradap, superintendent at Mueang Pattaya police station, rushed to the apartment upon getting word that a tourist had died in a strange manner there accompanied by a forensic specialist,  a duty doctor from Banglamung Hospital and rescuers.

At the apartment within a four-storey building they found the body of Mr Tomlinson Andrew George, 59, a tourist from Australia, lying dead on the bed with his head covered with a plastic bag and tied with a cable tie fastener. His hands too were tied with a similar fastener at the back.

There was no sign of body injuries and on a desk there were seven computer monitors. His belongings had not been searched nor were there any valuables stored in the safe.

There was also no evidence, including CCTV clip, to indicate an intruder or anyone one else had come into the apartment. The housekeeper did use the spare key to open the door to come and clean the flat but this is something she normally does because he had lived there for three years.

Police initially believe that the deceased man might have been stressed out about personal or business problems so committed suicide in this strange manner.

However his body is being sent to the Police Hospital for an autopsy.


Top: The flat in which the Australian man was found to have committed suicide yesterday. Thai headline says, “killed himself in a weird way.” Photo: Sanook.com

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