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Rayong heavily flooded after weir breaks amid pounding rain

A SMASHED weir in Chonburi province led to heavy flooding at next-door Rayong’s Pluak Daeng district while hours-long torrential rain caused parts of Rayong Mueang district to be badly inundated, Sanook.com reported this morning (June 30, 2020).

After the weir in Chonburi’s Si Racha district cracked and broke a mass of water gushed into Pluak Daeng district badly flooding Wang Ta Phin – Pluak Daeng Road and almost a hundred shophouses lining the roadway.

Lots of household belongings floated out and haphazardly bobbed up and down the badly flooded road.

Officials rushed in to help residents move their belongings and brought along flat-bottom boats to facilitate the rescue operation.

Meanwhile in Rayong Mueang district’s Na Ta Khwan subdistrict forest runoffs heavily flooded fruit orchards, houses and every single road. This followed continuous heavy rain for extended period last night.

This subdistrict has never faced this heavy flooding before.

What is worrying is that another subdistrict, Thap Ma, which was severely flooded a few years ago would again be hit when the mass of rolling water surges in.

Officials are holding a meeting to handle the situation as this subdistrict is expected to get flooded this afternoon.


Parts of Rayong province badly flooded this morning. Photos: Sanook.com

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