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PM Prayut sympathetic, but moving to extend emergency decree

PRIME MINISTER Prayut Chan-o-cha said today (June 23) that an extension of the state of emergency decree is being considered as it is still necessary to keep it in place to control the situation, INN News reported.

While pointing out that it has to be accepted that Thailand is safe today because of this very decree, the Premier said he would try to relax it as much as possible.

Gen Prayut added that whether or not the emergency decree is extended did not just depend on him with it being necessary to hold discussions with the working group.

That the emergency decree should be maintained can be seen by the coronavirus pandemic which has now infected almost 10 million people.

Gen Prayut also clarified that this decree is not being used to pressure Thai people. Also while some people see it as a matter of politics, the truth is different, with a question arising as to why people have to make moves when the country is currently having trade, investment and economic problems.

Gen Prayut emphasized that it is his mission to unit all Thai people but if any groups violate the law they have to be punished because otherwise no one would respect the law in future.


Top: Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha addressing the Press conference today. Photo: INN News

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